Deep Work Love

Have you found many new loves in one year? Well, this year is one of those best years for me. I found so many new loves in 2017:

  1. Love for self: I give time for myself to look internally, taking pauses in the middle to breath deeply every single day.
  2. Love for books: I have gone from reading zero books to finishing 6 books this year. This is a BIG deal for me!
  3. Love for yoga: I go from zero days to at least 3 days in a week, consistently from past 7 months.
  4. Love for meditation: Meditated for 500+ minutes from past 2 months.
  5. Love for programming: Reinventing my hard skills love that I left 4 years ago.
  6. Love for deep work (all of the above): Deep Work + Grit + Habits + Meditation to reinforce my learning for this year.

The latest book that I am reading is Deep Work by Dr. Cal Newport. Although I am not as good a computer programmer like him, I can relate to him in terms of learning programming and writing skillful code. This is the kind of resource that I have been looking for, this is the kind of teachers that I am searching for some time.

I would love to discuss this book if anyone is reading it. I am in Chapter 3 and I see the commonalities from previous book (Grit, Habits, Meditation) concepts. I cannot wait to read this book and apply new techniques to my thinking and hacking my brain to make it more clear and confident.


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